Rekindle Your Spark online course is now available. Enrol here.


Rekindle Your Spark

Rekindle Your Spark

An online course to reclaim sexual confidence after cancer

It’s official… I answered the call from my clients to launch my first online course – ‘Rekindle Your Spark’: an online course to reclaim sexual confidence after cancer. 

Since publishing my best-selling book ‘Sex & Cancer’, I have been humbled to receive such encouraging reader feedback and am thrilled to know that it has assisted so many people to move forward in positive ways after cancer.

Readers report feeling reinvigorated and experiencing emerging confidence with their body again. They’ve begun to reconnect with their body and clear their minds; and they were inspired to ask for more: “What’s next?” Here is the next step. 

If you have read my book or prefer a highly interactive style of body and mind coaching from the comfort of your own home, then take a peek at what’s in my online course.

Drawing from the latest in neuroscience and years of sex and cancer counselling, research and supportive care, ‘Rekindle Your Spark’ provides simple, powerful and practical techniques and strategies that aim to take sexual and intimate confidence to that next level. 

What you can expect in the program:

  • Hours of teachings, guidance and inspiration from Dr Amanda Hordern in the privacy of your own home at your own pace
  • Get the answers to the sensitive questions that you may have been too scared to ask your doctor
  • Motivating guidance and encouragement from Dr Amanda through inspiring videos and life-changing activities
  • Experience more confidence by actively embracing the tools to silence your ‘inner critic’ once and for all!
  • Simple techniques to reconnect with your mind, body and spirit, feel connected again.
  • Enhance your energy, desires, pleasure centres and libido in ways that have been recommended by sex therapists across the world
  • An online tour of my favourite sex shop where I show you a fantastic range of vibrators, lubricants and erectile pumps that have the capacity to enhance your desire and reignite your spark
  • Private access to Dr Amanda Hordern in a dedicated Facebook group
  • An international first in client-centred online ‘sex after cancer’ education
  • Tried and tested techniques from a leading health professional who has dedicated her life to promoting sexual confidence and self-esteem after cancer and illness 


Plus so much more…

If you or a loved one has read 'Sex and Cancer' and want to take the next step, this course is for you! Or if you prefer to skip the read, you can jump straight into this highly interactive and informative course.

The Online Course Features:

  • 8 comprehensive, self-paced modules 
  • Over 5 hours of video presentations
  • Free downloads and extensive resources
  • Bonus Mp3 tracks by Dr Amanda Hordern
  • Online tour of a Sex Shop 
  • Complimentary PDF copy of ‘Sex & Cancer: Rekindle your body and reclaim your spark’
  • Lifelong access to the course and materials.

We are moving!

Amanda and Tara are looking forward to welcoming you to our new rooms from Monday 3 June.

New location:

Unit 2, 107 Carpenter Street, Brighton 3186

Until then, sessions continue at 108 Willis Street Hampton.