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Keynote Speaker

Dr Amanda Hordern

Dr Amanda Hordern is a leading health expert, author and keynote speaker who is passionate about using the latest evidence and therapeutic innovations to guide and support best outcomes in clinical practice.

She is very flexible in adapting her presentation style to suit your needs, Whether she’s talking to an intimate cancer support group, or lecturing to 1,000+ health professionals nationally / internationally, Amanda feels at home providing the participant / speaker objectives and outcomes you desire.

Drawing on decades of experience as a leader, manager, university lecturer, counsellor and program development in the cancer community, Amanda’s qualifications include a PhD on ‘Issues of Intimacy and Sexuality in Cancer and Palliative Care’.

With highly developed supervisory, mentoring and stakeholder engagement skills, Amanda has remained passionate about optimal health and wellbeing for health professionals, clients, colleagues, and peers alike.

Keynote Speaking and Presentations

19 September 2022

Q&A Session – Sex & Cancer: Connect with your body and rekindle your spark

Dr Amanda Hordern and Breast Care Nurse Andrea Cannon answered the difficult questions about sex, intimacy and body confidence after cancer.

29 August 2022

Webinar – Love in the time of cancer: Self-esteem, intimacy and sexuality after an ovarian cancer diagnosis

In this webinar, Dr Amanda Hordern discusses strategies to help you reclaim your sexual confidence and desire and boost your self-esteem and energy after a cancer diagnosis.

Other speakers include Tori Wood-Bellentina, a post graduate Sexology student at Curtin University with expertise in lubricants and Amy Phillips, a 46-year-old mother of three boys who was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian cancer in 2020.


14 Sept 2022

Unzipping the Taboo – addressing sexuality and intimacy as part of cancer care

Australian Cancer Survivorship Society, in partnership with Cancer Council Victoria, Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) and the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (CNSA) presented the ‘Unzipping the Taboo – addressing sexuality and intimacy as part of cancer care‘ webinar for nurses and allied health professionals. Facilitated by Dr Amanda Hordern, the webinar included an interactive panel discussion focusing on sexuality and intimacy within the heterosexual and LGBTQI+ populations in the context of cancer care.


28 March 2022

Maintaining regular exercise habits and habits of healthy living

Presenter Dr Amanda Horden discusses strategies to create all kinds of habits of healthy living, including exercise, to keep up motivation and manage any barriers you might experience. Hosted by Kellie Holland.


2-3 December 2021

Asia Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference: Intimacy, Prostate Cancer and Ageing: Re-programming the mind to sexual confidence and self esteem

In this presentation, Dr Amanda Hordern focused on practical strategies to support people to reprogram their mindset to enhance sexual confidence and self esteem.

29 November 2021

Sex, intimacy and blood cancer: the great taboo

Dr Amanda Hordern covers topics such as what we mean by sexuality and intimacy, the effects of the natural ageing process, impact of blood cancer and treatments, communication and practical strategies.


Carers Couch – Couch Talk Series

Sex & Cancer

A cancer diagnosis, and subsequent treatment, can present a whole range of confronting challenges, both for the person with the illness and their loved ones.

In this episode, Dr Amanda Hordern talks about the ways that cancer can affect intimacy and sexuality within a relationship, particularly when the partner of the person with cancer is also their carer.

No topic is off limits!


Addressing the taboo topic: Sexuality and intimacy

Many people experience changes to intimate and sexual aspects of their lives after a diagnosis of cancer. Yet it has been well documented that sexuality remains one of the greatest taboo topics in patient/health professional communication. Dr Amanda Hordern has experience as a Breast Care Nurse, Nurse Counsellor and Lecturer. In an interactive, sensitive and humorous style, Amanda will provide practical strategies to assist women in communicating about sexuality and intimacy after a cancer diagnosis and treatment.


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