Habits & Addictions

Habits & Addictions

If you could switch off those old pattens, strategies and defaults you would, wouldn’t you?

Let us assist you to go deep within and 're-set' the mind and body to healthier and happier defaults.

We have assisted thousands of people over the past ten years to break habits and addictions such as:

- Cigarettes 
- Prescription or illicit drugs
- Alcohol
- Processed sugar
- Non-essential eating and drinking
- Toxic and abusive relationships
Let's talk habits & addictions


Seeing Amanda was the best decision I made. She came highly recommend by my GP at a time when I was visibly struggling with my smoking demons. She was able to fit me in at a time that was convenient for me and within a very short period had expelled my desire to ever smoke again. I can't say it was an easy thing to do or that I never craved cigarettes again or still don't because as some will know - once a smoker always a smoker.

What Amanda did for me is she helped me to see that the cravings were coming from a far deeper place than I realized. It was quite a transformative journey and now a year later, when we're all suffering with isolation, stress and a new way of living I could very easily have reverted to the smokes. Because these are all common triggers. But I haven't. Instead, I now run. I cannot say that I would have done that a year ago.
Anupama, Mentone
Amanda is the best. I was hard core smoker.

She saved me.
Jane, Elsternwick
I saw Amanda over a year ago. It was such a great investment. She is a very caring person who showed genuine interest in my welfare.

Amanda was able to tailor/design the hypnosis sessions based on my individual personal circumstances. I didn’t feel as though I was being fed a generic spiel - quite the opposite. It also didn’t feel as though Amanda was “working”. It felt more like talking with a friend. Also the house and room were so inviting, cosy & intimate. Most importantly I haven’t felt like a cigarette for all of the 13 months since. In fact the thought of it makes me feel sick. This is the best news of all as I feel my health going from strength to strength.

Thank you so much Amanda for truly caring.
Kate, Glen Huntly
Amanda has truly helped me not just in my smoking addiction but also looking at why I smoked.
Amanda creates a truly relaxing and trustworthy environment I highly recommend her and have done so to many people whom have also been extremely happy.
Renae, Black Rock
I had been wanting to stop smoking for years, and my Chiropractor suggested I give Amanda a go. What a wonderful referral it was!

I stopped smoking after my second visit to Amanda, OMG, I still can’t believe I have actually stopped smoking :)))

Amanda made it possible after just 2 visits to her clinic.
It was worth every penny, and Amanda made it so easy!

Now she is helping me lose weight, yippeeeee.

Amanda has a warm and gentle energy, and her clinic is very comfy and welcoming :)
Bronwen, South Yarra
When my GP referred me to Bayside Healthy Living for alcohol dependency issues, I was hopeful but sceptical. My drinking had further escalated during the initial
COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and was causing me great concern but ‘willpower’ was insufficient to control it.

My concerns were allayed after our first meeting where I immediately felt in safe hands. After 3 sessions of reprogramming my subconscious mind I am now free to consciously enjoy the occasional drink on my terms.

Thank you again Amanda for your professionalism and your expertise in helping me regain the control I desperately sought in such a warm and nurturing environment.

The future is now clear and bright and I am forever grateful.
Lou, Toorak
My health is much improved, and I am happy to still be a non-smoker.
My doctor was most happy!
Nola, McKinnon
I saw Amanda one year ago to quit smoking and I am still smoke free!

I was apprehensive to begin with, as I had many failed attempts to quit smoking. Amanda made the process so easy and relaxed and I have not touched a cigarette since!

I highly recommend Amanda.
Siobhan, Murrumbeena
Over the past 35 years I have made numerous attempts to quit smoking, only to end up disappointing myself time after time.

I finally reached out to Amanda of Bayside Healthy Living who changed my life. Amanda spent the time to pinpoint my triggers, then professionally, respectfully and efficiently worked to achieve the ultimate result. I am now a proud non-smoker. This was also a surprisingly easy method of quitting.

Thank you Amanda.
Jane, Elsternwick
… I thought about hypnotherapy for years, but was afraid it might bring up some ugly past stuff, which I didn't want to face. So I kept putting it off and didn't know where to go and who to trust ...

After the very first visit, I had to go to a Christmas work function (normally I would drink alcohol all night and make a fool out of myself). Well I shocked myself! I had only one glass of champagne and the rest of the night I drank water. I still danced all night and still had fun and still talked to everyone with no problems, no dependency on a champagne!...

I lost the 12 kilos and it stayed off for years. I did it effortlessly! Without even thinking. I wanted to drink lots of water, I wanted and enjoyed my gym and swimming sessions everyday. I enjoyed walking with my husband. Those things were no longer a chore but a pleasure. In fact, I still like doing all those things. I look in the mirror and actually like myself the way I am …
Mandy, Essendon
I went to see Amanda in 2016 with a goal to lose weight. Amanda has this innate ability to sit beside you without judgement and walk you along the path to your goal. She is warm, caring, funny and can make light work of whatever it is you are struggling with. Me, yep I lost 9 kilos after struggling for ages to lose just 5. In working with Amanda I discovered that I was reaching for the sweet treats and alcoholic drinks to feel better however they were not making me feel better at all. Amanda helped me see all the things that truly make me feel better like walking in nature and being creative and now I try to always reach for those things instead of the sugar and alcohol. I have no doubt that whatever it is that you need support with, whatever goal you have but feel is just out of reach or whatever it is you have tried to do over and over again without success, Amanda can help get you there.
Suzie, Wheelers Hill
I’m still going great a year down the track.

Feel like a cigarette every now and then but I have great family support and friends so I am not smoking and not planning on it either.

Once again, thank you Amanda.
Jo, Albert Park
Amanda, I just want to say thank you so much for helping me live a happier and healthier life!!

Hypnotherapy has changed my life completely. It has helped me believe I can lose weight and feel more positive about myself.

I am feeling so much better with myself and feeling a lot healthier and lighter. I can’t believe I can walk down the chocolate and soft drink isle in the supermarket and just turn my head in disgust.

My partner's noticed the difference in my eating habits as well I feel great!

Thanks Amanda.
Jo, Carrum Downs
After 35 years of chronic nail biting, I can honestly say I am successfully cured after one visit to Amanda .

Over the years I have tried numerous strategies and spent $$$.

I thought this was going to be an impossible task for Amanda .

I felt completely relaxed in her presence and the whole experience was pleasurable.

I am truly grateful and would recommend anyone to go along to hypnotherapy with Amanda without reservation.
Michelle, Brighton
I went to Amanda for hypnosis over 3 years ago to give up cigarettes and haven’t looked back. I haven’t thought about smoking since. Now I’m spending the money I’ve saved over the years from not smoking on wonderful travel experiences as well as being so much healthier! Thanks heaps for your expertise and professionalism Amanda. I’m one very happy non-smoking customer!
Sarah, Mordialloc
Kellie CroftKellie Croft
02:25 19 Apr 22
Using hynotherapy, kindness, compassion and her many other skills and traits, Amanda supports me to be the best version of myself that I can be. She ensures that I confidently set goals and reach them while remaining calm, open and grounded. Thank you Amanda, your work is so helpful and positive, I cannot recommend you highly enough.
Adelle PinkAdelle Pink
10:54 06 Apr 22
Amanda is safe, caring and incredibly talented. Issues of complexity, multi layered can leave us feeling no hope. Amanda gives hope and a clear and gentle way thru to clarity and healing. She’s a blessing
10:17 11 Oct 21
I recently completed a round of sessions with Amanda and found they have had a profound affect on my well-being and happiness levels. I now feel a sense of calm in my everyday life and feel armed with the tools to further enhance each and every day. I would not hesitate recommending Amanda, she makes you feel instantly at ease and is skilled at finding the source behind long held habits.Also, her energy and zest for life is infectious!
Lachlan ErskineLachlan Erskine
11:46 13 Jul 21
I've got absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda. It was such an amazing experience that changed my life completely. If everyone got to experience the benefits of her therapy, the world would be a better place :)
Anne BoyleAnne Boyle
10:09 24 Jun 21
Amanda is truly amazing at what she does, each session is definitely tailored to the individual.Amanda is great at finding out what is going on with you at that current time and working with that.Each session has been different but with the same core meaning.I listen to the recordings almost daily and they bring so much to my life, from peace to acceptance to realisation and joy.I highly recommend 🙏⭐🌻
Bianca SkilbeckBianca Skilbeck
22:51 23 Feb 21
Amanda and I studied together and have since worked alongside one another in peer supervision for the last 8 years. I am always amazed at not just Amanda’s enthusiasm for the work that she does, but also the diligence and attention to detail that she pays. You can tell that she really cares about the outcomes that she helps her clients to achieve. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services
Jess SloupJess Sloup
10:46 23 Dec 20
I was referred to Amanda through a friend of mine who spoke so highly of her and it is safe to say that seeing Amanda completely changed my 2020 for the better. It was the highlight of my year and the best thing I ever did. I am such a happier, lighter and more healthier person since seeing Amanda and my outlook on life has completely changed. She is so calming and positive and her techniques are so unique and has helped me so much. I am so grateful to Amanda and how much she has helped me through some tough times.