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Healthier Living

Want a good night's sleep?

Bayside Healthy Living understands that sleep is the most fundamental piece of the performance puzzle.

When you sleep well, you are more likely to eat well, think clearly, feel better and have more energy to make healthier and happier lifestyle choices.

Good news is that the positive outcome of all the work we do is that people report sleeping better.

Searching for your inner calm?

Every day, Bayside Healthy Living hears from people searching for their inner calm.

When you are calmer, you are clearer in the head, lighter in the heart and feel free to be your best you.

When you are calmer it is easier to connect socially and make better lifestyle choices.

Want to better manage pain?

Stress and pain often go hand in hand.

At Bayside Healthy Living we have helped hundreds of people to break the anxiety, stress and pain cycle, and to find joy along the way.

We are moving!

Amanda and Tara are looking forward to welcoming you to our new rooms from Monday 3 June.

New location:

Unit 2, 107 Carpenter Street, Brighton 3186

Until then, sessions continue at 108 Willis Street Hampton.