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Sex & Cancer

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Dr Amanda guides you through a comprehensive 8 Step online program to reclaim sexual confidence after cancer. Discover how to activate vitality and reconnect to your body. 

  • If you have always felt shy and too embarrassed to talk about sex?
  • If you have lost your libido and sexual speak since cancer
  • If you’ve lost confidence and squirm at the thought of getting advice and help about sex
  • If you’ve read Dr Amanda’s ‘Sex & Cancer’ book and want to extend your understanding by going more deeply into the proven techniques, get more support with strategies that will change your life, now you can do so from the comfort of your own home 

Dr Amanda’s online ‘Rekindle Your Spark’ course is exactly what you need, and we’ll also have some fun along the way!

Rekindle Your Spark is an 8 Step Video Program with easy and effective strategies.

The program includes workbooks, videos and downloadable PDFs with proven and reliable techniques and strategies, that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.



Cancer can rob you of many things but the loss of intimacy, sexuality and confidence in your body are rarely talked about. Sex & Cancer provides a one stop guide to anyone feeling their sexual self or that of their partner has been unsettled by cancer. The book is both informative and practical and will be a delightful clandestine read for some and a shout from the rooftops revelation for others. Whatever your style, if cancer has affected your sexuality, this is the book for you!
Professor Sanchia Aranda AM, Chief Executive Officer Cancer Council Australia
A brilliant, upbeat, optimistic and factual resource. I’ll be recommending this to all my patients!
Dr Belinda Campbell, Radiation Oncologist Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Dr Hordern has created a frank, positive and instructive guide to a taboo topic, with a refreshing mix of warmth and knowledge.
Dr Danny Sullivan, Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne
A smart sex book that is a must for anyone who wants practical, realistic solutions for just about any sex problem after cancer.
Professor Alan Rodger, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Diagnosed with early breast cancer at 48, I was not prepared for all the physical changes in my body and two years on I am still in awe every day at my body’s ability to heal. Maintaining a healthy, intimate relationship with my husband following cancer, while not always easy, has been a priority of mine from the outset and a big part of my journey “back to me”. This book is an easy read filled with practical, evidence-based advice and resources. Dr Amanda manages to write about the taboo that is sex and cancer with a lightness that is refreshing and equal amounts of humour and compassion. I laughed and cried reading some of the many case studies littered throughout her book. Thank you, Dr Amanda, for having the courage to write Sex & Cancer and share your wisdom.
Suzie McMillan, Cancer Survivor
Since 1992 Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy has been improving the quality of life of people with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor problems, pelvic and sexual pain, and for many during cancer survivorship. Throughout this time, I have come to know the wonderful work of Dr Amanda Hordern and her commitment to enhancing the lives of people affected by cancer. As a how to guide, this book is brimming with straightforward strategies and clever approaches to overcome fears and emotional blocks that hold people back from a positive quality of life after cancer, especially with respect to the often-taboo subjects of intimacy and sexuality. I will be highly recommending this book throughout my clinics.
Shan Morrison, FACP, Specialist Women’s, Men’s & Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. Director, Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy, Melbourne, Australia
There is so little information about cancer and its effect on sexuality. Sex & Cancer is a brilliant resource providing tips, strategies and stories to guide you: Finally, a resource we can recommend that talks openly about sexuality and cancer.

Our Number 1 go-to for everybody.
Michelle Temminghoff, Founder Passionfruit: The Sensuality Shop
I have known and worked collaboratively with Dr Amanda Hordern over many years through her role as The Director of The Cancer Information and Support Service at Cancer Council Victoria. As the Founder of The Think Pink Foundation Living Centre, a unique facility providing support services to breast cancer patients free of charge, I know how important a book like this will be to all those affected by a cancer diagnosis – both the patient themselves and their partner. I can say without hesitation that Dr Amanda has written Sex & Cancer, on what can be a delicate and very challenging topic, beautifully. She has written it with great sensitivity, understanding and empathy, using her many years of experience as a therapist and a specialist in cancer support. Most importantly, Dr Amanda covers the topic clearly and in an enjoyable way, in terms that everyone can feel comfortable with and understand.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis.
Irene Hendel OAM, Director and Patron, Think Pink Foundation
As a 2-year breast cancer survivor who has been struggling significantly with the misplacement of my sexuality, I have to confess to crying (quite a bit!) whilst reading this book! I recognised myself, I recognised my partner and overall, I felt seen and heard. All stages of treatment – before, during and after – bring so many changes to both body and mind. Baffling changes, changes you’d never have thought of. And that’s not even taking into consideration the loss of the two gorgeous breasts you’d been intimately familiar with since puberty. This book let me know – it’s okay. It really is okay and there are pathways back. There is understanding, I am not alone, I CAN do this. 

Amanda Hordern– thank you! For the opportunity to read your amazing work and for the gorgeous creature that you are. Thank you.
Mailin Colman, President Australian Hypnotherapy Association
Dr Amanda helped me to change a lot of my negative thinking since recovering from cancer and I now have learnt extra strategies to cope. Thank you, Dr Amanda.
Stephen Bond, Cancer Survivor
Kellie CroftKellie Croft
02:25 19 Apr 22
Using hynotherapy, kindness, compassion and her many other skills and traits, Amanda supports me to be the best version of myself that I can be. She ensures that I confidently set goals and reach them while remaining calm, open and grounded. Thank you Amanda, your work is so helpful and positive, I cannot recommend you highly enough.
Adelle PinkAdelle Pink
10:54 06 Apr 22
Amanda is safe, caring and incredibly talented. Issues of complexity, multi layered can leave us feeling no hope. Amanda gives hope and a clear and gentle way thru to clarity and healing. She’s a blessing
10:17 11 Oct 21
I recently completed a round of sessions with Amanda and found they have had a profound affect on my well-being and happiness levels. I now feel a sense of calm in my everyday life and feel armed with the tools to further enhance each and every day. I would not hesitate recommending Amanda, she makes you feel instantly at ease and is skilled at finding the source behind long held habits.Also, her energy and zest for life is infectious!
Lachlan ErskineLachlan Erskine
11:46 13 Jul 21
I've got absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda. It was such an amazing experience that changed my life completely. If everyone got to experience the benefits of her therapy, the world would be a better place :)
Anne BoyleAnne Boyle
10:09 24 Jun 21
Amanda is truly amazing at what she does, each session is definitely tailored to the individual.Amanda is great at finding out what is going on with you at that current time and working with that.Each session has been different but with the same core meaning.I listen to the recordings almost daily and they bring so much to my life, from peace to acceptance to realisation and joy.I highly recommend 🙏⭐🌻
Bianca SkilbeckBianca Skilbeck
22:51 23 Feb 21
Amanda and I studied together and have since worked alongside one another in peer supervision for the last 8 years. I am always amazed at not just Amanda’s enthusiasm for the work that she does, but also the diligence and attention to detail that she pays. You can tell that she really cares about the outcomes that she helps her clients to achieve. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services
Jess SloupJess Sloup
10:46 23 Dec 20
I was referred to Amanda through a friend of mine who spoke so highly of her and it is safe to say that seeing Amanda completely changed my 2020 for the better. It was the highlight of my year and the best thing I ever did. I am such a happier, lighter and more healthier person since seeing Amanda and my outlook on life has completely changed. She is so calming and positive and her techniques are so unique and has helped me so much. I am so grateful to Amanda and how much she has helped me through some tough times.