Quit Cigarettes

I am one of your many success stories.  I am still a non smoker after one year!  I am really proud of myself and very thankful to you! Many thanks and Best wishes. Pat Anderson

I am over 12 months down the track and feeling fantastic as a non smoker – thank you!  Greg Thomas:

Amanda – It’s been over a year since I had a cigarette and wow what a year!! Still a non smoker and cannot thank you enough! Vanessa Scott

I was so nervous when I first met Amanda. I had real fear and I wondered if I could ever really become a non smoker. We worked on the panic attacks and PTSD first and with every session she got me more and more relaxed. I’m so relaxed and confident as a non smoker – the old thoughts and feelings aren’t even in my vocabulary and I’m so relieved … I’m as happy as  a pig in shit! John O’Donnell

Hi Amanda it’s over 5 months since I became a non-smoker and even though I’ve been in very bad situations with personal problems, I have managed to handle the stress without smoking. I’m really happy the way I am now. I will continue this way until I die. Thanks again and Again, Thimal Mohottige, Mitcham.

3 months has flown by and I am still going strong as a non-smoker. All my friends are like “who would have thought”!!! Thanks you so much Amanda – Vanessa, Hampton. 

Hi Amanda – I’m still going great a year down the track. Feel like one every now and then but I have great family support and friends so I am not smoking and not planning on it either. Once again, thank you Amanda, JO Quirk, Albert Park

“It’s almost 12 weeks since I stopped smoking.  I feel great in so many ways; from my clothes no longer smelling of smoke, to waking up in the morning feeling healthy.  But the most important thing is, I actually now consider myself ‘a non-smoker’, not as an ‘ex-smoker’.  This may be a play on words but for some reason it makes me feel stronger and more determined.  It is the one crucial difference from stopping this time to all the other times.”  Nadia, Brighton

I am glad I used the Quit smoking in 60 minutes system to become a non-smoker because it made it very easy to give up smoking.  I had no cravings. It was just a matter of changing my habits. Because I was so ready it was the easiest way I had experienced giving up smoking. Debbie, Hampton

I am so glad I used the QUIT Cigarettes in 60 minutes system to become a non-smoker because I am now a non-smoker and I look forward to a healthy and long life with my children. Liz, Strathmore.

I used the QUIT Cigarettes in 60 minutes system to become a non-smoker and it was a no pain, comfortable way to kick the habit. I’m feeling more confident than I have with any other attempt of breaking the hold of smoking. Angelo, Hampton.

I am glad I attended the Quit session with Amanda  as I now feel after the session that I will never smoke again. Amanda has made me realise that I am now a non-smoker for life. I would never have believed that quitting could be so easy! Tamer, South Yarra.

Having smoked 40 years and having tried many methods I found this Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes session to be easy. If you have the right attitude it will be easy and you will become a non-smoker like I did. Amanda was extremely professional and she made the session delightful so I am left feeling a non-smoker for the rest of my life and I know I will never smoke again. Judy, Cheltenham.

Initially I felt scared of failure, however after the session with Amanda I feel fantastic and reassured that I will be a non-smoker for life. It is much easier than I imagined. George, Bentleigh.

I am feeling so confident about being a non- smoker for life – it is just fantastic! I went to a friend’s house on Saturday night and even though 7 out of 9 in the room were smoking I was not the slightest bit tempted to light up or have a puff. Smoke was in my face and as I kissed my friends hello and good bye I noticed they smelt like ashtrays! These situations would have been my undoing in the past. Thanks you for all you did to help me get to this point in my life Amanda, Sally, Hampton.

I am doing great as a non-smoker with no desire to have a cigarette at all and what’s more, I find it easy to sit outside with my partner while he smokes. Everyone has been very supportive and very proud of me- especially my daughters. Amanda, thank you so much for everything you have done for me, Kylie, Brighton.

I am glad I attended Bayside Healthy Living to quit Cigarettes because I am now a non-smoker and have FINALLY kicked the habit thanks to Amanda! I seemed to do this very effortlessly with hypnotherapy, where previous efforts in the past have failed. I feel a healthier me and I have more bucks in my back pocket!!!  Jane – Toorak

I am glad I attended Bayside Healthy Living for hypnotherapy to help me Quit Cigarettes as it reinforced and consolidated all the thoughts and feelings I had related to giving up smoking in a very positive way. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Amanda Hordern to anyone who seriously wants to quit smoking. Although I am only a few months down the track I feel confident that I can remain a non-smoker forever. It is so great to feel I am in control and not the cigarettes!  Deb – St Kilda


Weight loss

Dear Amanda,  Just writing to you to let you knowing that I have been really kicking all my goals since our last session. No drinking, no junk food and daily exercise – and it has all been very
easy. I would like to thank you very much for all your help, your truly amazing listening skills and also the wonderful hypnotherapy. I now feel that I am on the right track and have a lot of confidence in myself and my will power in seeing through my healthy living goals.  I would like to cancel our next appointment as I feel truly strong on my own.
Thank you once again Amanda – very very appreciated:  Maree Thomas

I struggled with night time snacking for 30 years and I used to think about food 24/7. Food was controlling my life. I finally did something for myself and put myself first.

At first I worried that I have a very, very strong mind and I thought Amanda might not be able to hypnotise me. But I was wrong! ​After 3 sessions I am fixed!  At the end of each session I came home elated, and my mind was filled with hope. I no longer snack at night, I’ve lost loads of weight and at last I am in control of food! Amanda is unique, calming  and caring and I’d be surprised if she couldn’t help you – she is amazing and I will always be grateful for her and what she did with me. Roz – Gardenvale

Amanda – Having struggled for most of my life with my weight and heading into menopause and my mid forties finding it more difficult to lose my excess weight than previously I started hypnosis sessions with Amanda.  I had heard hypnosis had helped other friends with quitting smoking and had taken my children to get their dog phobias sorted so felt it was my turn to put myself first and get healthy. I must admit I  was a little skeptical about this approach but thought it worth a go as nothing to lose except my excess weight. After 2 sessions I began to lose weight and realized that I  had a different thinking process and approach to food than prior to my sessions, which I have found to be a key to the success of my weight loss. I have no hesitation in recommending this approach to weight loss as  I am on track to my goal weight which I set myself at my first session.

Good Luck and hope you find this approach to weight loss as successful for you as it has been for me!!!!  – Anna – Essendon 

Amanda  I just want to say thank you so much for helping me live a happier and Healthier life!! Hypnotherapy has changed my life completely it has helped me believe I can lose weight and feel more positive about myself. I am feeling so much better with myself and feeling a lot healthier and lighter.  I can’t believe I can walk down the chocolate isle and soft drink isle in the supermarket and just turn my head in disgust. My partners noticed the difference in my eating habits as well I feel great! Thanks Amanda.   Jo – Carrum Downs 

I have tried to give up chocolate before and failed every time … until Amanda used hypnotherapy on me that is ! Not only have I not touched chocolate since then (August 2013) but I have not even been tempted by it. As an added bonus I have also lost 6kgs since then. Cyrille – East Brighton.

After 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Amanda my whole relationship with food has changed. I attended 6 weight loss sessions in total and can honestly say I have not only shed 10 kilograms, I have more energy, confidence and motivation to live my life in the way I want to. Thank you thank you Amanda – there is no looking back    Jennifer – Kew

Using hypnosis for weight loss has been a great experience for me. At first I was anxious about what would be involved and I was a bit freaked out at how I made so many healthy eating changes after my first hypnotherapy session. Then we worked on the emotions behind my eating and it was awesome. I feel freer and lighter both physically and emotionally – now I am thinking of other ways to use hypnosis to enhance my life!  Sally – Highett

It was so easy – with one session of hypnotherapy I gave up all that night eating of lollies, soft drink, ice-cream and chips and I feel like I am in control of my health and weight. As the kilos drop off and I feel better and better, I can’t believe how easy it was.  Thomas – Brighton



My son Michael is 10 years old and had a real fear of dogs. A keen sportsman, often having to leave the field if a dog was not on a lead, scarred and wouldn’t get out of car if arrived at a friend’s house knowing they had a  dog. One session of NLP Phobia technique and Michael now pats dogs and wants a dog of his own. Andrea (mother), Gownbrae.

I used to be terrified at the thought of flying. My fears stopped me traveling and vising my son.  I would like to say a very big thank you for helping me turn all of this around.  In mid October last year we flew to Singapore and Hong Kong and I was actually serepax free which meant I could remember the trip and not just sleep. I used my iPod with the very boring and calming music.  My son moved to Queensland last year and they are expecting their first baby in December so a lot more trips will happen next year,but I am not worried about it. We are planning to travel to Europe in September 2016 so I will come to you for a refresher beforehand. Once again,a most sincere thank you for changing my life more than I could have hoped.     Anne Pyman

Fear flying

I was a bit apprehensive having tried two other hypnotherapy practitioners without any appreciable results so it was really a make or break third attempt and I’m glad to say it really did make a difference.  My anxiety regarding travelling and flying diminished dramatically after our first session although I think Amanda’s reinforcement CDs also played a big part in the change.   From trying to avoid any form of travelling and flying, on my return from the UK I am now looking at holidays for next year! Mike Groom


Nail biting 

After 35 years of chronic nail biting, I can honestly say I am successfully cured after one visit to Amanda . Over the years I have tried numerous strategies

and spent $$$. I thought this was going to be an impossible task for Amanda . I felt completely relaxed in her presence and the whole experience was pleasurable. I am truly grateful and would recommend anyone to go along to hypnotherapy with Amanda without reservation. Michelle, Brighton.



I was recommended Amanda by a friend so I went along to help me deal with a traumatic experience I had as a young girl. I used to think about it every day and it would keep me awake at night. In two sessions I feel like I can vaguely recall the memory with no negative emotion. It is such a relief.  I am now free to get on with my life!  Kathy – Sandringham


Panic attacks and PTSD

The traumatic thoughts and flash backs and panic attacks I’ve had for so many years in my past have all gone. In three sessions they are so far off my shoulders, off my back and out of my head it’s amazing. I sleep peacefully now and I just don’t have those thoughts entering my head.  John O’Donnell



Public speaking

Dear Amanda, thank you for hosting and speaking at the Brightways inaugural lunch. I believe the event was very successful, both meeting and exceeding the objectives of the day. I am aware of the great deal of positive feedback regarding your very informative speech and the way you helped the event flow so well. You are highly regarded in the cancer community so it was an honour to have you as a speaker as well as the host of this event. Thanks for your highly informative speech on sexuality and intimacy after cancer and for helping ensure the event was such as success.  David Nowell, GM, Cabrini Brighton.

Hi Amanda, I can’t tell you enough how wonderful your presentations were!! The evaluations were amazing – you rated a very positive comment on almost every single form!!! You were so comfortable in your subject of helping women and their partners discuss sexuality and intimacy after breast cancer that you gave the whole audience permission to speak about their feelings and for some this is a real first… a positive step forward in rebuilding their self-confidence. I have had phone calls and emails about the workshop all day. I can’t thank you enough.  Lee Millard, Coffs Harbour

We had the pleasure of having Amanda as guest speaker at our International Nurses Day Forum held in Traralgon in May 2013. I had attended many presentations delivered by Amanda in my previous roles and was delighted to find that she continued to offer this service as part of her new business Bayside Healthy Living. Amanda did not disappoint. She gave an inspiring and thought provoking presentation scattered with good humour whilst delivering some very clear messages. The feedback I have received has been all positive and as such I commend Amanda most definitely to present at your next corporate function.

Nicole Steers EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Latrobe Community health, AMBULATORY CARE

I have known Amanda for over 15years, she actually helped me get the job, that I love. I have attended workshops & conferences where she was a speaker. I have also worked along side Amanda in preparing National Conferences; her enthusiasm & hard work to get the job done, is very inspiring &just rubs off on you when you’re in the same room, you cannot help but want to be involve.

Extremely knowledgeable with her expertise in caring for those touched by cancer, in which she has inspired me to be passionate in my professional career. I have great respect & admiration for Amanda & know that in all her work & professional duties she will succumb to the highest level of understanding & care for all those who cross her path.

Lee ALEXANDER, Breast Care Nurse/Clinic Coordinator, South Eastern Private Hospital

Amanda is a very experienced public speaker. Having heard Amanda speak on many occasions I can confidently say that every time she has inspired, educated, motivated and entertained me. Whether speaking about sexual health, cancer information or simply a colleague’s farewell, Amanda has the unique ability to connect on a very personal level with every member of her audience. Annie Angle, cancer nurse/writer, Dip. Oncology Nursing, Royal Marsden, London. 

Dr Amanda Hordern is a charismatic and captivating speaker who not only knows her stuff, but delivers it with passion and energy. Having worked with Amanda for many years, I could always trust she was well prepared, skilled at writing and delivery compelling content, and was often voted the highlight of the event program. You can’t help but smile and share in her positivity! I would highly recommend her as a speaker at any type of event as her warm nature and expertise in engaging her audience suits groups small or large.

In regards to cancer information provision and consultancy, Amanda ‘practises what she preaches’- this, alongside her 20 plus years in the health care field, translates into a genuine experience with great results.

Jess Hills, Cancer Information and Support Service,Cancer Council Victoria

I am delighted to have the opportunity to commend Dr Amanda Hordern for her excellent counselling and presentation skills. I have worked with Amanda for over 15 years and highly recommend her passion and commitment to everything she sets out to achieve.

Doreen Akkerman, AM, Strategic Communications.