Enhancing Relationships After Cancer or Chronic Illness

Experiencing a diagnosis of cancer or a chronic illness has the potential to radically change the way you feel about yourself as a man or a woman, how you relate to others and how much energy and desire you have to express yourself sexually and intimately.

Having cancer or living with a chronic illness need not mean the end of your relationship or sexual experiences.  Experiencing changes to your health and well-being do not mean you will never find the partner you have been searching for. But you may just need support to develop more confidence and openness to adjust previous beliefs and behaviours, in and out of the bedroom.

Amanda has spent many years providing information, support and practical assistance to people facing cancer and chronic illness, to help them create the fun and loving relationships they are looking for. Drawing on the latest research and information available, and incorporating NLP, motivational strategies and a practical approach, Amanda can help you feel confident and comfortable pursuing or enhancing your intimate and sexual relationships.

Topics you may wish to discuss with Amanda :

  • How do cancer and chronic illness change the way I feel about my body, my relationships and my intimate and sexual world?
  • What are some practical strategies I can use to feel more sexual confidence after changes to my health?
  • How can I enhance my sexual desire after all of this cancer treatment?
  • Talking to my doctor and health care team about my sexual worries and concerns
  • Where has my desire for sex gone?
  • Partner and carer strategies and support
  • Seeking new relationships after cancer or chronic illness
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender¬† information and support after cancer