Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence & Self Esteem

Are you drained by the thought of new social connections? Do you fear embarrassing yourself and not fitting in? Is it difficult to have to voice and set healthy boundaries? Do you lack courage to make changes in your life?

If you have ever had these thoughts, you are not alone.

At Bayside Healthy Living, we assist you to let go of past experiences, beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you and we support you to build a calmer, clearer and more courageous and confident mindset.


Amanda is simply phenomenal. She is kind, caring and just a divine human. From the moment you walk inside, you feel comfortable and a sense of calm. Her kindness is genuine. I don’t just consider Amanda as someone who is helping me through a bloody hard time in my life, but I consider her to be a friend and mentor. She goes above and beyond and I can’t recommend her enough. Forever grateful. xxooo
Emma, Bentleigh
I cannot speak more highly of Amanda and the wonderful experience I had over our sessions. It was amazing to feel such warmth and understanding while working through some long-held challenging personal issues/beliefs. From our very first phone conversation, I felt instant comfort that I was in good hands. Thank you so much Amanda!
Rachel, Black Rock
Friendly and well experienced.

Thank you for changing my life!
Tayla, Dandenong
After many years of counselling to deal with childhood trauma, I decided to explore hypnotherapy, with Amanda Hordern.

Amanda has a beautiful way of adapting her style to match my needs and putting me at ease. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I trusted her compassionate way of helping me move forward with confidence and hope.

Amanda took me on a journey to find a healing place for my child self. This has given me inner strength, a new perspective and the capacity to set goals for myself and achieve them all, and more. I’m not exactly sure how it all worked but I do know this has helped transform my life for the better.

Thanks so much Amanda.
Rebecca, Beaumaris
2014 it is now December 2019. 

I met Amanda Hordern for a mother/daughter problem. I heard the good reputation in the skill Amanda could do to help me. Amanda is gentle, very positive and her technique so relaxing, skilful and after 4 to 5 sessions the intense pain was slowly released. Amanda’s calming yet strong positive words taught me how to rid my bad thoughts. 

Thank you Amanda.
Roz, Gardenvale
Kellie CroftKellie Croft
02:25 19 Apr 22
Using hynotherapy, kindness, compassion and her many other skills and traits, Amanda supports me to be the best version of myself that I can be. She ensures that I confidently set goals and reach them while remaining calm, open and grounded. Thank you Amanda, your work is so helpful and positive, I cannot recommend you highly enough.
Adelle PinkAdelle Pink
10:54 06 Apr 22
Amanda is safe, caring and incredibly talented. Issues of complexity, multi layered can leave us feeling no hope. Amanda gives hope and a clear and gentle way thru to clarity and healing. She’s a blessing
10:17 11 Oct 21
I recently completed a round of sessions with Amanda and found they have had a profound affect on my well-being and happiness levels. I now feel a sense of calm in my everyday life and feel armed with the tools to further enhance each and every day. I would not hesitate recommending Amanda, she makes you feel instantly at ease and is skilled at finding the source behind long held habits.Also, her energy and zest for life is infectious!
Lachlan ErskineLachlan Erskine
11:46 13 Jul 21
I've got absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda. It was such an amazing experience that changed my life completely. If everyone got to experience the benefits of her therapy, the world would be a better place :)
Anne BoyleAnne Boyle
10:09 24 Jun 21
Amanda is truly amazing at what she does, each session is definitely tailored to the individual.Amanda is great at finding out what is going on with you at that current time and working with that.Each session has been different but with the same core meaning.I listen to the recordings almost daily and they bring so much to my life, from peace to acceptance to realisation and joy.I highly recommend 🙏⭐🌻
Bianca SkilbeckBianca Skilbeck
22:51 23 Feb 21
Amanda and I studied together and have since worked alongside one another in peer supervision for the last 8 years. I am always amazed at not just Amanda’s enthusiasm for the work that she does, but also the diligence and attention to detail that she pays. You can tell that she really cares about the outcomes that she helps her clients to achieve. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services
Jess SloupJess Sloup
10:46 23 Dec 20
I was referred to Amanda through a friend of mine who spoke so highly of her and it is safe to say that seeing Amanda completely changed my 2020 for the better. It was the highlight of my year and the best thing I ever did. I am such a happier, lighter and more healthier person since seeing Amanda and my outlook on life has completely changed. She is so calming and positive and her techniques are so unique and has helped me so much. I am so grateful to Amanda and how much she has helped me through some tough times.