Drop Weight Naturally

For weight reduction and body transformation, we offer a 6 step program where most of our clients drop 1 to 2 kilos per week and shed centimeters off their waistline, naturally and easily.  Eliminate the struggle with our six step program where we help you remove the obstacles that have tripped you up and got in your way. You will enhance your confidence, motivation and self-belief that you REALLY CAN do this for yourself.


  • Step 1 – The 7 secrets of successful weight reduction. Begin your journey to achieving your ideal body weight with ease and confidence.
  • Step 2 – Emotional eating and habit eating triggers. Your opportunity to release old emotions and triggers that prevented you from dropping kilograms in the past.
  • Step 3 Design the compelling future you desire: setting realistic and meaningful goals and personal measures of success that will guide and shape each session.
  • Step 4 – Exercise and nutrition. Energy makes energy. Understanding the body. Hypnotherapy for healthy eating
  • Step 5 – Neural Linguistic Programming and altered brain plasticity. Change your snacking, night time eating and other unhelpful habits that get in the way of you achieving your goals. Erase the negative self-talk that holds you back from achieving your ideal body weight.
  • Step 6 Create new beliefs and neurological pathways from latest neuroscience research that will have you facing your future with confidence, strength and ease. Lock-in your ‘measures of success’ for ongoing weight reduction, motivation and confidence .
  • Mp3 tracks will be provided to reinforce your positive progress.
I struggled with night time snacking for 30 years and I used to think about food 24/7. Food was controlling my life. I finally did something for myself and put myself first. At first I worried that I have a very, very strong mind and I thought Amanda might not be able to hypnotise me. But I was wrong! After 3 sessions I am fixed! At the end of each session I came home elated, and my mind was filled with hope. I no longer snack at night, I've lost loads of weight and at last I am in control of food! Amanda is unique, calming and caring and I'd be surprised if she couldn't help you - she is amazing and I will always be grateful for her and what she did with me. Roz - Gardenvale
Using hypnosis for weight loss has been a great experience for me. At first I was anxious about what would be involved and I was a bit freaked out at how I made so many healthy eating changes after my first hypnotherapy session. Then we worked on the emotions behind my eating and it was awesome. I feel freer and lighter both physically and emotionally – now I am thinking of other ways to use hypnosis to enhance my life! Sally – Highett