Overcoming fears, anxiety and phobias


Do you ever wake up at night feeling fear, dread or panic?

  • Have you ever had panic attacks that made you feel like you were going to die? Like shortness of breath, tight or heavy chest, pounding or racing heart with hot or cold sweats moving through your body? And the doctor did every test possible and said you are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Do you ever play and replay those old negative ‘what if’’ or ‘I should have’ or ‘What’s the point?’ movies over and over in your mind?
  • Do you think you have ever experienced a social phobia?
  • Have you ever had exhausting and relentless worry that keeps you awake at night or distracts you through the day?
  • Is it hard for you to sit still and feel calm?
  • Do you lack motivation and the sparkle or energy you used to have to confidently embrace the future?

More and more studies and research are pointing to the power of hypnotherapy to assist in reducing anxiety and helping people make positive transformations in their life. According to the American Psychological Association “Hypnosis can create a highly relaxed state of inner concentration and focused attention for patients, and the technique can be tailored to different treatment methods. Patients also can become more empowered by learning to hypnotize themselves at home to reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, or alleviate some symptoms of depression or anxiety” (Brendan L. Smith January 2011, Vol 42, No. 1., Print version: page 50).

Do you want to feel calm, courage and confidence to embrace the future you deserve? To live the life you dreamed of?

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One of the most rewarding parts of my work is watching people transform their lives in positive ways they never imagined possible.

We offer a range of stress buster programs to help you lower anxiety, overcome phobias, put symptoms of depression behind you and embrace the future with a calm and confident outlook.

How do we do this? We tailor a program to suit your needs that will have you working through a series of steps and measures of success:

Calm and confidence booster: Lower anxiety in 6 steps:

Step 1: Identify the old beliefs and scenarios that trip you up and sabotage your goals

Step 2: We eliminate the beliefs and limitations that have held you back

Step3: Create new beliefs and neurological pathways from latest neuroscience research that will have you facing your future with confidence, strength and ease.

Step 4; Release negative emotions (such as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame, pain and rejection) that can darken your world, weigh you down and prevent you from having the energy and inclination to create the compelling future you deserve.

Step 5: Design the compelling future you desire: setting realistic and meaningful goals and personal measures of success that will guide and shape each session.

Step 6: Take charge of anxiety and negative thoughts so that you are now in control. By now you will recognise the cues and triggers that used to spiral into anxiety and fear. You have the strategies and tools (including NLP techniques, cognitive behavioral strategies, counselling, resource therapy and anxiety reducing techniques) that will be yours to put into action and take control. There is no turning back!

Eliminate phobias and take control of your life in 3 steps

Step 1: Identify the first and or worst response you have had

Step 2: We use simple yet powerful mind techniques to break those old mind patterns that used to have you reacting in a phobic way. We know we can’t change the past but we can totally transform your reaction to past situations.

Step3: Create new beliefs and neurological pathways from latest neuroscience research that will have you facing your future with confidence, strength and ease. E.g. it’s unlikely that you will love spiders if you used to have a spider phobia. What we can ensure that when you next see a spider, you will deal with it in a calm and confident manner.

Then we get you to test that and report back in a reinforcement session.

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Enhance self-esteem, confidence and motivation in 6 sessions:

  • We help you achieve calm, confident and concise study preparation that results in you maximizing your true exam potential.
  • We get to the cause of depression and work with your doctor to help you take control of your life once and for all.
  • We help you reclaim the kind of intimacy and sexual wellbeing you desire

Step 1: We uncover your subconscious habits and the self-imposed limitations that drain your energy and hold you back.

Step 2: We use powerful techniques from neuroscience that quite literally help you switch negative thinking to positive thinking.

Step 3: We find out what’s in it for you to make these positive changes and we provide the tools to activate empowering beliefs that will connect you to your passions.

Step 4: We eliminate negative emotions like anger, sadness, depression, fear & hurt.

Step 5: We guide you through relaxing techniques that will lock in these positive changes at a deep unconscious level – so they become your ‘new normal’.

Step 6: We provide supportive reinforcement techniques and tools for you to use at home so you have all that is required to achieve the positive changes you desire.

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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Australia’s Most Trusted Clinical Hypnotherapist

Amanda Hordern fully qualified and registered with the Australian Hypotherapists Association. Combining decades of counselling, research and cutting edge techniques that can transform your life in a positive way.

Powerful ways NLP and hypnotherapy can be used to enhance your life:

  • Eliminate any fear, phobia or anxiety efficiently and effectively. (eg. Fear of dogs, spiders, cockroaches, storms, heights, flying, public speaking … and many more)
  • Build confidence, courage  and self-esteem at any age
  • Deal with bullying in the school yard: effective, fun and simple techniques that will build the confidence of your children.
  • Change habits (nail biting, clenched jaw, eating patterns etc)
  • Design amazing goals and measuring your success
  • Embrace motivation strategies to encourage you to do anything you desire
  • and more!
  • Mind power exam and study enhancement: achieve the kind of success you are truly capable of

Is fear or anxiety holding you back?

My son Michael is 10 years old and had a real fear of dogs. A keen sportsman, often having to leave the field if a dog was not on a lead, scarred and wouldn’t get out of car if arrived at a friend’s house knowing they had a  dog. One session of NLP Phobia technique and Michael now pats dogs and wants a dog of his own.Andrea (mother), Gownbrae