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Australian Hypnotherapy Association provider number – PM 0114382


Who is Dr Amanda Hordern?

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Who is Dr Amanda Hordern?

Dr. Amanda Hordern is committed to helping people improve their lives and be healthier and happier for it. With over 25 years in cancer care, conducting research, providing counselling and  support , Amanda knows only too well how important it is to do all we can to have a  fit, healthy & happy lifestyle. Dr. Amanda Hordern is a fully accredited hypnotherapist who trained at the Academy of Hypnotic Science which is the ONLY, government recognised, and Victorian-based provider of fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training.

With the Clinical backing of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, an extensive track record in scientific research, counselling and cancer support, Amanda is dedicated and passionate about helping people achieve the healthy outcomes they desire. Using powerful Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) techniques, Amanda encourages people to change their internal dialogue and negative ‘thought viruses’ so they can live happier more meaningful lives.

Amanda is based at Bayside Healthy Living where she:

  • Sees people who want to QUIT smoking in 60 minutes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Helps people lose weight naturally
  • Assists people to overcome anxiety and phobias with ease
  • Helps people restore relationships that have been impacted by cancer and chronic illness
  • Facilitates effective strategies to help people enhance their  motivation, confidence and self esteem
  • Is a passionate and energetic presenter of seminars, workshops and events for the general public and for cancer clinicians and other health professionals

Where did Amanda come from?

Working many years at the Cancer Council Victoria, Amanda moved her focus from taking calls on the Cancer Council Helpline, to developing a university based education program for Breast Care Nurses. The education and training was underpinned by research that assessed what was missing from the care women and their families were receiving after a breast cancer diagnosis. This education program was the first of its kind in Australia and over 1000 Breast Care Nurses have been educated through this system.

Amanda completed her doctoral research into the issues and impact of cancer on a person’s sexual and intimate experiences; from the patients’ as well as from the health professional perspectives. Results from this study have changed the way health professionals were trained to discuss this important topic with people in their care.

As the Executive Director of the Cancer Information and Support Service at Cancer Council Victoria, Amanda led a team of cancer experts in providing innovative and accessible information and support programs for Victorians facing cancer.

Always eager to learn effective ways to reach out and support more people, Amanda trained as a Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner and Trainer to assist people to use their mind’s own language, to consistently achieve desired goals and outcomes.

Amanda’s qualifications: R.N., B.N., Grad. Dip. Ed., M.Ed., PhD., Certified Hypnotherapist., NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

You can contact Amanda at amanda@baysidehealthyliving.com.au

Phone:  1300 365 254


Amanda is a very experienced public speaker. Having heard Amanda speak on many occasions I can confidently say that every time she has inspired, educated, motivated and entertained me. Whether speaking about sexual health, cancer information or simply a colleague’s farewell, Amanda has the unique ability to connect on a very personal level with every member of her audience.
Annie Angle, cancer nurse/writer, Dip. Oncology Nursing,